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Restore: to return to a former or normal state

Antique buildings provide a physical record of time, place and use. Whether we are repairing or replacing antique materials, Parker Restoration strives to preserve the historic integrity of all our projects. When the severity of deterioration requires replacement, we preserve the distinct features of the historic design by matching color, texture and age from our extensive inventory of reclaimed antique lumber. DDPSR, Inc. provides our clients with personalized and specialized historic building services.

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Reclaim: to bring back, to make useable

Parker Restoration has a vast inventory of specialty wood and antique reclaimed wood, with some slabs as old as 200 years. Our wood comes in widths up to 54” and lengths up to 17'. We are able to provide our customers with hard to find species, in various shapes and sizes, in quantities specific to their project.

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